Learn the Decision Chain

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Our decisions shape our lives. The purpose of making good decisions is to get more of what we truly want out of life.

This video provides an overview of the framework that applies to any decision, simple or complex. The framework is drawn from an extensive body of theory and practice from multiple disciplines including decision theory, psychology, group dynamics, mathematics, economics, and probability.

Watch and learn the 6 essential elements of the Decision Chain framework. A good decision makes sense and feels right.

Your decision is only as strong as the weakest link in the Decision Chain, but when you make a quality decision with strength in all the elements, then you can face the uncertainty of a decision's outcome with confidence and peace of mind.

Bad vs good outcomes

The distinction between a good decision and a good outcome is very important.

When we face uncertainty, we can make a good decision and yet get a bad outcome. For example, we can choose to apply for a job we really want but not get it. This does not mean we shouldn’t have gone after it. If another appealing job opportunity comes again, we would apply again.

Similarly, we can make a bad decision and have a good outcome. Suppose we didn’t buy car insurance for a year, but we didn’t get ticketed and didn’t get in an accident. We were fortunate: we made a poor decision and got away with it.

Good decisions do not guarantee good outcomes, but— on average—consistently better decisions lead to consistently better outcomes.

Featured Decision Guides

Find instructions and educational information to help guide your college choice.

Make Progress towards Your Decision

The Conversations for Clarity worksheet provides a structured method for making progress toward a decision. It helps you find your weakest Decision Chain link.

Learn the Decision Chain

The purpose of making good quality decisions is to get more of what you truly want out of life. A good decision makes sense and feels right.

Commit to Follow Through

Commitment to follow through means that you are set to execute on your decision. It's like pulling an internal switch, and you'll do whatever it takes to make your decision real. You're ready when you're prepared with all the necessary resources like time, effort, money, and help from others. You should also ready to overcome obstacles and have a plan B prepared.

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